lunedì 23 febbraio 2009

Rue du Bac

Then he heard a voice that told me: "Do to mint a medal on this model, all the people who will lead, will receive great graces, especially bringing in the neck, the graces will be abundant for the people who lead the medal with confidence ..." . - S. Catherine Labor at the Rue du Bac Paris France -1830

"O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you"

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A Medjugorje Queen of Peace appointed the Miraculous Medal in a message given to Marija in the Blue Cross on 27 November 1989. This is the message that Mary gave us through visionary: "I want these days especially pray for the salvation of souls. Today is the day of the Miraculous Medal and I wish to pray in particular that for the salvation of all who wear the Medal . I wish that the spread and the bear because it saved a lot of anime, but in particular I want to pray that. "

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We begin with the appearance that we could reasonably regard it as one that opens the time or was Mary Mary. She appears in 1830 at Rue du Bac, in the French capital Paris, Sister Catherine Labor. Mary entrusts the future saint, a mission: to spread the mint and miraculous medal. But read what happened in the story of the St. Catherine: "On 27 November 1830, which happened on Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent, at half past five in the evening, doing meditation in deep silence, I seemed to hear from the right side of the a cappella sound like the rustle of silk as a. Having to face the look that side, I saw the Blessed Virgin at the picture of St. Joseph. His stature was average, and its beauty that I can not describe it. He was standing, his clothing was of silk and white-dawn, made, as they say, à la vierge ( "the Virgin"), that is borne by the sleeves and smooth. From the head down a white veil up feet . He scores the hair and a kind of hat with a lace of about three centimeters wide, resting lightly on the hair. The face was quite uncovered, his feet were based on a globe, or rather, over half the globe, or at least I do not they saw that a half (later the Santa confess that he had seen under the feet of the Virgin is also a snake color green mottled with yellow). His hands high at the belt, kept in a natural way another smaller globe that representing the universe. She had turned his eyes to heaven, and his face became resplendent, and presented the world to our Lord. All of a sudden his fingers covered in rings, adorned with precious stones, one the most beautiful of the other, one larger and other smaller ones, which threw the rays of one the most beautiful of these other rays started from stone valuable; threw the biggest rays larger and smaller radii less large, so they filled all the lower part, and I do not see his feet most ...". "While I was intent on contemplating the Holy Virgin lowered his eyes to me and seek a voice that told me these words: "This world you see is all over the world, particularly France and every single person ...". I say we do not know what I felt and what I saw, the beauty and splendor of the rays so dazzling! ... And the Blessed Virgin added: "I am the symbol of thanks that I spill on the people who ask me", thus making understanding what is sweet to ask the Blessed Virgin, and as she is generous with the people who pray, as she gives thanks to people who seek them to him and what joy you give the test. At that time, I was and I was not ... I do not know .... I godevo. And that's formed around the SS.Vergine a somewhat oval, where the top, as a semicircle from the right hand to the left of Mary read these words written in letters of gold: "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you. " Then he heard a voice that told me: "Do to mint a medal on this model, all the people who will lead, will receive great graces, especially bringing in the neck, the result will be abundant for the people who lead with confidence ..." . I instantly thought that the picture turned around and I saw the other side of the medal. There was the letter M (the original name Maria) surmounted by a cross without a crucifix which had as its basis the letter I (the original name of Iesus, Jesus). Below then there were two hearts, one encircled by thorns (to Jesus), the other pierced by a sword (to Maria). Finally twelve stars surrounding it. Then all disparve, as something that goes off, and I have not been filled so that, good feelings, joy and consolation. " This is the clear description of what happened, the mission and message that through S. Mary Catherine has given us. Bring your miraculous medal with confidence and ask with faith. This was certainly a cause and in view of the difficult times that the Church had failed to find in the future. Today, in fact, witnessing a terrible fall and apostasy of the faith, man lives empty and without hope of a paradise. Said in two words, man is terribly alone! How many revolutions and ideologies passed for good and who have massacred the men and condemned to terrible suffering. For this you need to return to personal and community prayer is that the parish family. The latter are under attack directed a "hidden" and dangerous Lobbie power. Furthermore, make personal and collective acts of consecration and entrustment to Mary and to your Immaculate Heart, to help to defend ourselves by many external and internal attacks and the risk of being overwhelmed by satanic slime that surrounds us. It 'probably the time to create Christian families, an oasis of peace and prayer, real home churches to defend against bad morals and bad companies. Bring and do take this medal, not as a talisman, but as a visible sign of belonging and trust subsidiary of the Mother of God and our Mother, MARIA!

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